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About Time Study

Started by H. M. Nasim, October 12, 2018, 03:42:52 PM

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H. M. Nasim

Time Study is a business efficiency technique of measurement of different steps involved in a particular task and time taken to complete each one.
Time Study is used to determine/establish the time required to complete the task. It is also used to identify the best sequence of motion for a task to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Time Study aims for the following
1) Eliminate non-value added activities.
2) Increase efficiency and productivity.
3) Standardization of work.

Time study is carried out with the help of the following techniques
1) Stopwatch study
2) Predetermined data study
3) Work Sampling
Using our vast experience, professional skills, and real-world experience, we satisfy our customers with the value-added service we provide.
Improsys offers time study solution in three different types
1) Process Study
2) Machine Study
3) Person Study
4) Product Study
Improsys has successfully completed various projects in different fields. Our work has benefited our customers and satisfied them.

H. M. Nasim