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Skill Jobs Certification Courses/Top 20 Certificate Courses in USA

Started by sadia15-9913, October 03, 2018, 01:06:07 PM

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Top 20 Certificate Courses in USA

Court Reporter: Since crime will always be a part of human society, jobs for court reporters will always be present. A simple certificate course will teach you the skills you will require to be successful in this job. Additionally other than the justice system of the country, the typing skills of a court reporter are also in demand in the television industry. The average pay is around $40,000 in a year.

Dressmaking & Design: Whether you want to work as a tailor in a major clothing's brand, or start your own clothing's line the skills you will require (everything from selecting the fabric to working with it to caring for it) can be learned via a certificate course in your local college. With salaries ranging from $25,000 to $60,000 (more if you start you own clothing's line), if you have a love for designing clothes, then a dressmaking course will be the perfect match.

Website Designing: Considering the large number of websites which are opened every single day, finding a job will not be tough. These courses usually cover the entire gamut of topics required to successfully create a website i.e. everything from coding the website to designing graphics for the website to working with different types of multimedia. Average salaries range from $40,000 to $70,000 depending on the company you work for. An additional advantage is the option to freelance your services while maintaining a full-time job.

Finance For Managers: This course is meant for managers in companies who are looking to increase their chances of getting promoted into the upper management. This course teaches the techniques, tools, and skills a person will require to analyze different business problems and models, to apply concepts to solve problems in management, finance, and accounting. Average salaries upon promotion range from $70,000 to $100,000.

Restaurant Management: Thanks to the exponential growth in the tourism and hospitality industry, the number of restaurants in every city just keeps rising. A certificate program will develop and teach strong leadership, effective communication skills, problem-solving skills along with team building and motivational skills. While the work can be strenuous at times, the job satisfaction and pay are high, with salaries ranging from $35,000 to $125,000.
Systems Security: Due to the increase in hackers, system security professionals are in high demand. With salaries up to $130,000 for the best, a certificate course in system security will teach you how to protect your employer's data and infrastructure from attacks. This course is meant for people familiar with coding and computers.
Cyber Security Programs

Medical Transcriptionist & Coding: Hired by insurance companies and hospitals, medical transcriptionists and coders play a very important role in the insurance claim process. A certificate course will teach the different codes used, will provide training in creating and reading the alphanumeric code which is used by the industry to process medical claims. Average salaries range from $25,000 to $50,000, finding a job is easy since every medical office in the country requires one.
Insurance Appraiser For Cars: If you are looking to switch to an industry where your work will be split between office and the field is relatively stress-free, then a certificate course in insurance appraisal will provide you with just that opportunity. All the skills that you will require to estimate the cost of repair for a damaged car will be taught, you have the option to work directly with an insurance company or to work independently. The average salary is $50,000-$60,000.

Car Mechanic: A certificate course with a duration of a few months will allow you to become a car and motorcycle mechanic. A recession proof industry (since people tend to repair their cars instead of getting a new one when a recession is underway), average salaries of up to $50,000 is the norm.
Massage Therapist: It is well known that massage is a great way to lower everyday stress and tension. A certificate course will teach you the skills you will require to practice effectively. With the number of people opting for a massage increased every day, finding work is easy, and an average salary of around $38,000 is offered. An added advantage is that you have the option of working for yourself as an individual masseuse.

Installing Alarm and Fire Systems: Security is a major industry, every building in the country needs fire alarms, and a large number are adding security cameras and alarm systems for added protection. So if you love electronics and electric devices, a certificate course will allow you to become an installer of such systems. Everything from installing to maintaining to repairing the different systems you will use will be taught. Average salaries range from $42,000 to $50,000 a year, an added advantage of a job in this field is that it is no desk job, you will always be on the move from one project to another.
EMT Certificate Course: There will always be a need for EMT's (Emergency Medical Technician) as long as humans exist. While the exact requirements vary according to state, a certificate course from a reputed university will teach you all of the necessary skills you will require to perform on the street. While the work itself is stressful, average salaries range from $35,000 - $45,000, at the end of a day's work you know that you have saved lives.

Personal Fitness Trainer:If you love hitting the gym, have a passion for helping others, then getting certified to become a fitness trainer is a good opportunity to earn a lot of money while simultaneously having fun on the job. With the number of job openings expected to increase by 25-30 percent over the next two years time, salaries ranging from $30 per hour to $300 (if you hit it big), if you love fitness then this is the course for you.

Transcriptionist For Hospitals: Doctors see a large number of patients every single day since they do not have the time to type out and keep up to date the patient's charts, the need for medical transcriptionists will always be present. The only requirement for the job is a fast typing speed and the ability to decipher what the doctor is saying through the audio recordings (both of these skills are taught in the certificate course). Average salaries are $32,000-$40,000.

Language Interpreters: Thanks to globalization the number of people from different countries in the US is increasing on a daily basis. Not all of these people speak English, hence the need for effective interpreters. If you successfully finish a certificate course in a popular language (Chinese, Japanese, Hindi etc) then there will always be a job for you in hospitals, social services, and court rooms (to name just a few). All that is required to practice is to get certified, many universities offer courses that teach the language and allow for certification in the end. If you already know the language then just write the exam (a few hours in length) to get certified. Average salaries range from $45,000 to $ 55,000.

Interpreter Of Sign Language: If you are a people person, love to be independent in your work, a certificate course will allow you to act as an interpreter for the deaf. With work available in schools, universities, social services, and businesses finding a job is easy. Average pay is $37,000-$40,000.

Embalming: While not for everyone, if you have a strong body constitution, the certificate course will teach you the necessary skills required to prepare the dead for their final place of resting. Salaries average in the upwards of $40,000, job security is final since recession or not you will always have a job.

Engineering Soft Skills: Engineers will always be in demand, but if you are an engineer who wants to set yourself apart from the rest then a certificate course in engineering soft skills will do just that. These courses are designed to create engineers who understand the principles of finance, management, business. This provides a huge competitive advantage over other engineers for those who successfully complete the course. Average salaries range from $30,000- $80,000.

Homeland Security Course: If you are interested in working for homeland security, a certificate course will teach you all the necessary skills required to keep the country safe and secure. With salaries up to $100,000 a year and complete job security, a homeland security certificate course might be the perfect match for you to protect your country and earn lots while doing so.
Veterinary Assistant: If you love animals, want to work with them, a certificate course to become a veterinary assistant will teach you how to work with different animals, take care of different animals, how to help the veterinarians in the office. Salaries range from $15,000 to $35,000.

Considering a large number of certificate courses on offer, finding one to suit your needs and requirements should not be difficult. While it will require a few months of hard work and an investment of time and money, once you successfully complete the course you will be ready to achieve your goals no matter what they are.

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