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Top 20 Certificate Courses Which Pay Well

Successfully completing a certificate course from a reputed university is one of the easiest ways to get a promotion, increase your wages, or switch your job. Varying in length from a few months to years, with classes in the evening, nights, weekends and online, these courses will provide you with the advanced skills that are required to succeed in today's workplace.
Many certificate courses require you to take exams (for certification, it helps in getting a job), some might require preparation from 3 to 6 months.
Depending on your interest plan for a course/certification and related job market. Many certifications require you to clear/pass an exam.
Some programs will require you to attend short term course and then clear an exam. You might have to visit labs for practicals etc.
Some might require you to get classes for 6 months before appearing for the exam.
Many jobs require to have some kind of work experience - it's possible that you may have to work as a trainee to get some experience before getting a right job.
There are some quick certificate programs which may offer certificate in few days (just by attending classes/seminar). Those kind of certificate may not help much in getting a job, they might just improve your existing knowledge / skills.
Below is a list of some certificate programs which can lead to a good career.