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BI Systems Must Offer High-Quality Analysis

Started by Shakib, September 28, 2018, 04:39:06 PM

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"Yeah, we offer analysis," standard BI vendors say. But Excel users know that Excel has more than 300 spreadsheet functions, back-solving capability, and the ability to contain virtually any data. No other product does a better job of business analysis than Excel.

BI for Excel can give Excel users easy access to data from virtually any source. If you want to compare sales in Sicily to the price of tea in China, using Australian dollars, you can do it with BI for Excel.

But what if ordinary Excel can't do the job? What if you want to do time series forecasting? Monte Carlo analysis? Decision tree analysis? Non-parametric testing? Fourier analysis? Or some method that's really obscure? With the right add-in, or with a young new-hire who still remembers his college statistics, Excel can handle it.

An Excel spreadsheet can pull data from a cube in the BI database; process it in a workbook; receive the results; process them in some other workbook, and then write the results back to the BI database...all with a simple recalculation of the workbook.

No other BI system provides such analytical power.

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