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Procedure of Approval of RAJUK

Started by Shaha Noor, August 04, 2018, 12:28:08 PM

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Shaha Noor

Procedure of Approval of RAJUK

As long as you purchase or are having lease of a plot of land, you have to take steps for the construction of building as per your plan. If the land were located in the RAJUK area, you have to get an approval for construction from RAJUK, if it is outside the RAJUK area, permission should be obtained from concerned authorities.
The following documents should be furnished to RAJUK for getting an approval:
Application in a prescribed from provided by Rajuk
A copy CS record and design of the location of the plot
Lay out plan sketch and other design
Design to be drafted as per DIT instructions
Document of time Extension
Route map of entrance to the plot
Evidence of the ownership of the land
If the plot is in private ownership, the clearance of RAJUK is necessary
In cash the land is allotted by the government or RAJUK Certificate of No Objection from the concerned authority is necessary.

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