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Overcome hiring authority objections
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Overcome hiring authority objections

If you find yourself dreading marketing calls because you know you're going to get objections you can't overcome, you will now learn to welcome them as buying signs and request for more information. Technical recruiting is a sale profession, and that guarantees you're going to have objections and rejection. When you hear an objection, you have a choice to make. You can either learn to overcome the objection and now you have a chance of representing this hiring authority, or you hang up because you don't know how to overcome the objection, and obviously, there's no profit in that.

I want to go through the different categories of objections. There's actually four. The first one is a service objection, and this might sound like I would rather fill my own tech positions. You know, I basically don't need your help. Well what you can do to overcome that objection is basically say you know, most of my best clients feel the same way, and they do fill the majority of their tech positions, but when they're looking for a hard to find position.