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10 Signs That You Will NOT Make It As A Successful Photographer

Started by Reyed Mia (Apprentice, DIU), April 20, 2017, 09:05:39 PM

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Reyed Mia (Apprentice, DIU)

10 Signs That You Will NOT Make It As A Successful Photographer

1. Mr. Know-It-All

We all come across that guy who is a "know-it-all." If there is one thing I've figured out growing up, it's that you can learn something new from anyone in life. It doesn't matter whether they are younger, not as educated or as intelligent as you. Consistently blowing off other people and their comments will prevent you from being successful. It's key to take every idea, tip or piece of advice someone gives you seriously. Sometimes, it's also advisable to reach out to older, more experienced people in the field you are targeting to seek guidance.

2. That Negative Guy Who Always Comments

This is actually the one thing that inspired me to write this article. This week, I came across a bitter photographer who was trash-talking a fellow extremely talented photographer on her page. The first thought that came to mind was "yup, this fool won't get far in life." Every Facebook photography group has a few of these clowns- the guys who talk more than they show and they always have something negative to comment. Needless to say, people like this will not be successful if they have such an attitude. They aren't pleasant to talk to or deal with.

3. The Gear-Centric Guy

How can I exclude this topic on such a list? A lot of us are guilty of using gear or lack thereof as an excuse for subpar performance. The truth is, most of us realize that it's not an excuse right away or at some point in our careers. The sooner we come to the realization that gear is only a tool and not the be all and end all of photography, the sooner we work harder to perfect our skill. Unfortunately there are those who never get out of that rut and have their heads wrapped around lacking "the right" gear. Check out - 30 Mind Blowing Images Taken With Entry Level Gear.

4. Not Accepting C&C

If you find yourself defending yourself and your photos, you are putting a cap on your photography. Photography is an art and there is no limit to skill level when it comes to art. You will get better by the day. Accept what people have to say with grace and use their critique to improve and grow. 

5. That Cliche Photographer/"Does All Photography"

There are tens of thousands of photographers out there. Don't be another cliche one. To be successful, a photographer must stand out. For example, people are tired of seeing portraits taken on train tracks. Find a setting that is not over used. Furthermore, you must specialize in one or two genres. How many successful photographers do you know who do it all? And trust me chances are you will not be the first person who is an expert in 10 different genres of photography, so pick.

6. Doesn't "get" Marketing

Five years ago, ignoring Facebook, Instagram and Twitter was doable. Nowadays, even if you're on every social media platform you won't get too far without social skills. Get in tune with the current market, show personality and show off your best work. Fans want to see that there is a human behind the camera and not some robot. Interact with your fans!

7. Those Who Don't Pursue It As A Hobby

If you are in photography for the money, you picked the wrong career.  By choosing a genre just for the money you are setting yourself up for destruction. Eventually, you will burn out and without the wild fire and passion inside you, your business will not grow. Do what you love and you will get good at it. You may struggle at first but all it takes is meeting the right person and over night, success will find you.

8. Choosing Quantity Over Quality

Aim to take just one amazing photo on a shoot and not 20 mediocre ones. With time, the amount of quality images will increase from shoot to shoot. The goal is to show off a portfolio that will blow people's minds. Additionally, your fans don't care to see 15 OK photos from the same shoot, they want to see one amazing photo and variety. Do not flood your page with a new album for each shoot. 

9. Never Responds to Communications

You know that awesome feeling when someone answers your email or text instantly? Be the cause for that awesome feeling for your clients. Treat everyone like that hot girl you're texting who you just met at the bar last night. People hate when it takes someone 24 hours to respond. I'm guilty of this myself and beat myself up all the time for not responding soon enough.

10. Doesn't Use a Support System

My spurt of growth was the day my wife and I moved in together. She pushes me, supports me and makes me feel better when I am down. She even edits most of my articles and posts on social media. If you have a friend or family member who is discouraging you, cut them loose. A person who truly loves you, pushes you until you are successful.

Reyed Mia (Apprentice, DIU)
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