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Types of Market Segmentatio
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Types of Market Segmentatio

The most important variables in segmentation are based on demographics, geographic, psychographics & behavioural. These are explained in detail below:

1. Demographic Segmentation:
Slicing the market on criteria based on demographics like age, gender, income, family members, educational qualification, socio-economic status etc, is called demographic segmentation.

2. Geographic Segmentation:
When a population is divided on the basis on geographies i.e. country, state, city, village, region, postal code etc, it is referred to as geographic segmentation.

3. Psychographics Segmentation:
Segmentation done based on personality of people, their characteristics, their lifestyle, social status etc is called as psychographic segmentation.

4. Behavioural Segmentation:
When companies divide the market based on the customer behaviour or usage patterns, it is known as behavioral segmentation.
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