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Use enhanced iMessage tools- iOS 10
« on: April 18, 2017, 12:26:15 PM »
Use enhanced iMessage tools- iOS 10

In iOS 10, Apple has added features to messages that allow you to communicate in some brand new ways. So in addition to sending text or photos or video, you can dress up your conversation with reactions and other enhancements. Let me show you want I mean. So I'm looking at this conversation that I'm having with Nick. And I receive this message from him. Now I could text him right back and say something like that's great or good luck, but here in iOS 10 I can also send a reaction. To do this I tap and hold on the message bubble. That pops open this message of reactions.

And you can pick the one that's most appropriate in your mind. I'll give him a thumbs up. And that attaches this little icon to the bubble. Now I could also send a text reply in addition to that but sometimes instead of trying to come up with something to say, you might just wanna use a reaction that gets a sentiment across without having to use words. The recipient will see your reaction on their phone so they'll know that you've replied or reacted to what they've said. Now if they're not running iOS 10, instead of seeing the graphic, they'll get a message saying something like Garrick liked your message. So they'll still get a reply but it's not quite the same effect.

So you might wanna reserve reactions for people who you know have iOS 10 installed. Now in addition to reactions, iOS 10 also lets you apply effects to your own text bubbles to add an extra dimension or mood to your messages. So let's say I do wanna text Nick back and say you got this. Now if you're using a device that doesn't have 3D touch, tap and hold on the blue send button. That brings up this menu. If you are using a device with 3D touch, you'll need to press down firmly to bring this menu up. From here we can choose from Bubble and Screen effects at the top of the screen.

Bubble effects apply animations to your message bubble that the person receiving will see on their end. Again, if they're also on iOS 10. Now you can tap each one of these to preview what the animation looks like. So here's Slam. Loud. And Gentle. So you can see each one of these is intended to invoke a slightly different mood. Now the Invisible Ink effect is kinda different. It actually obscures your text until the recipient taps on it. I'll show you how that looks as a recipient in a moment.

For now I'm just gonna pick the Slam effect. Once it's selected I can tap the send arrow to send it off. And there it goes. And that's exactly how the recipient sees it on their end. Alright so I can see that Nick has now reacted to that. I got the little Haha reaction there. And I now I can see that he's actually texting back. And there he sent that response with one of the Bubble effects, which was the Loud Bubble effect. Okay he's typing again.

Alright so this is what an Invisible Ink message looks like. You can see the text is totally obscured. My first tap jut reveals the portion where I tap. But my second tap, if I tap at the beginning there, reveals the entire message. And after a few seconds, the message gets obscured again. So this might be useful if you wanna make sure someone looking over your recipient's shoulder doesn't see sensitive information. Alright so that's the new Bubble animations. Let's type another reply. And I'm gonna hold down on the send button again to bring up the menu. And this time I'll choose the Screen effects.

So Screen effects as you can see are effects that take up the entire screen. And there are currently five different effects to choose from. So you can see here are Balloons. I'll swipe left. We've got Confetti. Lasers. Fireworks. And Shooting Star. Just pick the one you wanna use. Hit send and your recipient will see this effect when they open the message.

(laser sounds) It even comes with sound effects. Can see Nick is replying. And he sent the Balloon effect. So this can be kinda fun. Alright so that's the Bubble and Screen enhancements. Now another type of message you can send in iOS 10 is Digital Touch messages. Tap the arrow button here next to the typing field and then tap the center button that looks like two fingers on a heart.

That opens up the Digital Touch area. If you have an Apple Watch this should look familiar. But this allows you to send little sketches or a quick sequence of taps. So in the center area you can draw a sketch. I can tap a color swatch over here to pick a different color. And then I can tap the send button to send it off. And that's the animation that the recipient will see. You can also send a series of taps. Now on an iPhone they'll see these little exploding circles appear.

Notice that gets sent right away. But if your recipient has an Apple Watch, they'll actually feel the taps on their wrist. If you hold down two fingers in this area, you can send a heartbeat animation. Now this isn't your actual heartbeat but again, if your recipient has an Apple Watch, they'll feel this beat on their wrist. And there are other things you can do here. Notice you get a little guide on the right side here. You can tap that guide to expand it and see the other things you can send with gestures. Now be aware that some of these animations do send immediately.

Like the taps that I just did or the heartbeat. So I can see here that pressing down with one finger sends a fireball so I'm gonna tap the arrow in the upper right hand corner to go back to hold down one finger here. And when I release that gets immediately sent. So just be aware of that. Now if you want a larger palette to work with, tap the up arrow button here in lower right hand corner. And this gives me more space to work. And I can really draw a masterpiece here. And then I can send that off. So there you have some of the many ways you can now enhance your text messages as long as you and your recipients are all running iOS 10.

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