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Force Field Analysis
« on: April 17, 2017, 07:15:20 AM »
About the Tool

Force Field Analysis was created by Kurt Lewin in the 1940s. Lewin originally used the tool in his work as a social psychologist. Today, however, Force Field Analysis is also used in business, for making and communicating go/no-go decisions.

You use the tool by listing all of the factors (forces) for and against your decision or change. You then score each factor based on its influence, and add up the scores for and against change to find out which of these wins.

You can then look at strengthening the forces that support the change and managing the forces against the change, so that it's more successful.

How to Use the Tool

To carry out a Force Field Analysis, use a blank sheet of paper or whiteboard, or download our worksheet.

Then describe your plan or proposal for change in a box in the middle of the paper. List the forces for change in a column on the left-hand side, and the forces against change in a column on the right-hand side.

As you do this, consider the following questions:

What business benefit will the change deliver?
Who supports the change? Who is against it? Why?
How easy will it be to make the change? Do you have enough time and resources to make it work?
What costs are involved?
What other business processes will be affected by the change?
What are the risks Add to My Personal Learning Plan?