Finance & Accounting Track

Child Boards

[-] Standard Practices of Value Added Tax (VAT)

[-] Deduction of VAT at Source and VAT on Traders

[-] Financial Modelling and Risk Management using MS Excel

[-] Corporate and Individual Tax Planning

[-] Logistics Engineering & Supply Chain

[-] Finance for Non-financial Managers

[-] Budget Planning & Control

[-] Cash Flow Management

[-] Credit Management & Debt Collection Strategies

[-] Investment Fundamentals and Analysis

[-] VAT Audit and Accounts

[-] Advanced Financial Forecasting



[1] As Financial Managers Career, Salary and Education Information

[2] Financial Statements

[3] Why Finance and Accounting Management: Fast-Track Global Classroom?

[4] Introduction to Financial Accounting

[5] Specialization: Financial Accountant

[6] An Overview of Financial Accounting

[7] Corporate Finance

[8] What is 'Finance' Finance is a term describing the study and system of money, i


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