Marketing/ Sales Track

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[-] Selling Techniques Excellence

[-] Art of Real State Sales Management

[-] Building World Class Brands

[-] Key/Corporate Account Management

[-] Retail Sales Management

[-] Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

[-] Corporate Sales Management

[-] Sales & Distribution Management

[-] Essentials of Export Marketing

[-] FMCG Sales Management

[-] Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)

[-] Sales Force Management: Rewards, Compensation, Motivation & Team Building

[-] World Class Service Marketing/ Service is New Marketing

[-] Marketing Strategic plan

[-] Marketing research

[-] Digital/ online marketing

[-] Sales Force Management

[-] Brand management & brand planning

[-] Building high performance Sales team


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[1] The Very Simple Key to Sales? Talk to Customers the Way They Want to Be Talked T

[2] The skills that will get you a graduate job in marketing

[3] 9 Tips for Developing Your Sales and Marketing Strategy

[4] 5 Things Entrepreneurs Should Know About Sales and Marketing Today

[5] How to Improve a Sales and Marketing Department

[6] Technology can help sales and marketing teams

[7] Three Principles Everyone In Marketing Needs For Success

[8] Sales and Marketing Techniques

[9] The Role of Technology


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