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7 Reasons Why Google Tag Manager Is Special
« on: September 26, 2018, 06:53:58 PM »
7 Reasons Why Google Tag Manager Is Special:
1. It’s F-R-E-E, Free.
Not to worry, it’s both free and awesome! Google Tag Manager has a multitude of robust features, including (but not limited to) usability, accounts and user roles, tag firing rules, and supported tags (Google, third-party, and custom HTML tags).
2. Do It Yourself
Insert the container tag once, make changes whenever you want without much hassle, and voilà! With the available debugging tools and preview mode, you can be sure of what you’re doing before you publish it.
3. Forget About Limitations
You can use Google Tag Manager with more than just Google products. Take a peek at the other predefined tags, such as Marin, comScore, AdRoll, and more! Can’t find the tag you need? Customize one! You can also add Tag Manager to not only your website, but also to your iOS and Android apps. You’re truly unlimited.
4. Cool Features With Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager makes it easier to implement some of the more complicated Google Analytics features, such as User ID tracking. User ID tracking gives you the ability to measure real users instead of devices.
5. Easily Track More Things
With so many great resources available on the web (and our own site!) it’s easier than ever to track things like YouTube videos on your site, print tracking, or AJAX form submissions.
6. Worry-Free Security
No need to worry. Google Tag Manager has all of the security features you need
7. Debug Central
With debug options, built-in error checking, and version controls, you can rest easy knowing that everything you do with Google Tag Manager can be tested and debugged before it goes live.