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Title: Lease Management
Post by: Rokeya on December 15, 2018, 09:37:01 PM
Imagine a way to manage thousands of contracts and greatly reduce your workload with the push of a button. That’s what DataNet’s software for contract management has done for contract managers, accounting specialists, brokers and other executives since 1999. For 15 years, we at DataNet have developed software for contract management for the benefit of professionals in a wide range of industries, from telecom to real estate to energy to transportation. Our products are designed to assist our customers with effectively organizing their contractual assets, while maximizing profits and minimizing risk and expense. Maintaining an intricate portfolio is a challenge without helpful contract database software. Trust DataNet to provide the streamlined contract and lease management software you need to optimize your portfolio.

Regardless of the field you operate in, whether it’s finance, accounting, or law, chances are you could benefit from web-based contract management. Our easy-to-use contract administration software, ContractNet, allows users to house their leases, permits, deeds, licenses, and all of the contracts that control their critical operating assets in a secure, web-accessible environment. ContractNet gives you the tools you need to adhere to and enforce agreements, meet stipulations, keep up with expiration, renewal, and option dates, and more. Contract administration software assists professionals with acknowledging the demands of their contracts, minimizing the risk of non-compliance, and avoiding late fees.

If you’re looking for enterprise-class lease administration software, look no further than LeaseNet. Like our ContractNet software, LeaseNet is a web based lease management system that can benefit you regardless of the value of your assets. From a central dashboard, users can organize their contractual assets, optimize revenue, lessen risks, comply with contract terms, and more. Whether you’re looking to purchase a real estate lease administration product, or telecommunications tower lease management software, DataNet can meet your needs.
To learn more about DataNet and how our products can benefit you and your company, contact us at 303-320-1800 to speak with a representative.