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Title: Son of the nectar
Post by: H. M. Nasim on October 30, 2018, 08:39:55 PM
On the last head of the college road you see the madman sitting beside the dustbins, you know, we have known him long ago. I do not know why people are crazy, but it may be slightly speculative to know about the events that happened before being crazy. We know some of them, I tell that story today.

The name of this madman Zahid, son of a well-educated family, was once a rented house in our large neighborhood. A happy family with parents and three siblings. Due to the long stay in this mahalla, the great formation of all the people was also developed. Still, there was a matter of neighborhood in the town, a flat resident did not know the people in the adjacent flat that such a disaster had not yet started, so we knew each other, knew that there was a relationship of visiting each other. Zahid's father used to work a lot. His mother, that is, our dear friend, was a housewife; He did not share the affection of affection, there were no children in the mohalla who did not eat the delicious food of his hands. The eldest of three siblings, that is, Shahed brother, used to study at the University of engineering, in architecture. Zahid used to study English literature at Dhaka University. And all the little Munmun Apa used to read Holly Cross College. Understand, what a great family! We still go to school; I mean, quite a few of the previous events. We had a special attraction for Zahid Bhai, that is, the small children. Because he used to sing songs, tune, sing, Of course, nobody was famous, he was known in small areas. Not only did he live with songs but he also used to read many books. Almost always there was a book or a book in his hand. It is difficult to talk to such people, they are always busy, think of talking about the waste time of time. Yet we used to go to him, try to store stories. Once he got accustomed, how many things he used to say, there is no account of him. A man knows about so many things, how we think about so many things - we were amazed.

When we read in college, an accident occurred in this sorted family. Everyone was going to the village house, he or she was on the road, with a microbus. A truck color side of the Dhaka-Aricha highway was fast approaching. The collision could not be avoided. Zahid's father was sitting in the front seat. In the middle Khalmama and their domestic helpers. Zahid brothers in the back row three siblings. In front of the face of the microbus, the front of the microbus. The driver and Zahid's brother died on the spot, mother and domestic help were seriously injured, they died after two days of taking the hospital. Shahed brothers, Zahid Bhai and Munmun Apa were also injured in a lot - they survived, but have to stay in the hospital for a few days. If there is such a big accident, then what is the condition of a family, and it is not necessary to say in detail. It is also in the Zahid brothers' family. Laughs and pleasures were lost, financial difficulties arose, they moved to a small house in the same mansion, but the house was not able to tidy as before, nor was it possible for them. Strangely, the accidents did not leave them behind. A major accident occurs in the family, or it happens in one or the other. That's the rule. Maybe the next hit came as a shock to protect the rules.

The incident happened a couple of years later. Munmun Apa, then the student of the university, Shahed Bhai passed out in a job, Jahid Bhai waited for last year's examination. At this time it was known that Munmun, son of an influential leader of the ruling party, was burning in many ways. The ruling party's party has immense influence in society, he knows you, and this is the son of a big leader! Munmun abduct your brother's brother? Since Munmun Apsa was not responding to the call of the dancer boy, it was a very understandable reason why he disappeared one day. Jahid brothers understood everything, police, and police did help the ministers with help of relatives, and consequently, the sister was returned to the right place, but not in the biosphere. One day his body was discovered beside the railway line. The animals killed Munmun and threw him unconscious in front of a moving train. The incident could stop there. Do not stop Zahid brother as much as calm-hearted, Shahed brother is so angry and unconcerned. He started calling for the murder of the sister-in-law and started placing the placards alone, in front of the press club, in front of the High Court, at the foot of the unbeatable Bengal and doing these things, journalists fell into the eyes of her. The newspaper started publishing his sad story, his accusation, and his sister's murder trial. It has been seen that the AramPriyas Facebook and Talk Showers, who are continuously making a revolution on the pages of the television and on the pages of Facebook. Two or four days a hot issue like talking to the revolutionaries' team. And as it is, many issues have been created on this issue. One party seeks justice for rapists and murderers, washed the leaders and workers of the government, criticized the inaction of the government; Another party stood on behalf of the government; None of the ruling party can commit crimes, they started spreading it in a century. The third party of the goats, like the number three, was also found, who blamed the girl for the incident, saying that the girl must not have dressed properly, otherwise why the son of a respected leader would be excited? Although these three numbers are always the motivation to oppose the government, they are in concert with the ruling party on the issue of rape. However, due to all these discussion-criticism and provocation, the result was made by Shahedbhai, Hathayatei. One night, who identified himself as a law enforcement force and took him away from the house. Zahid brother did not get enough help to find brother, he did not get it. If you take it that way you can not even find it, you know it. It is known as 'Gum' and it is known as 'Gum'. But we are not using the word for the sake of our security! So, surprisingly, we noticed that everyone is moving away from the side of Zahid Bhai at such a critical time. As if he himself is an idolatrous danger, that if anyone is beside him, then he too will have to suffer. The door of the relatives started to be closed on his face, wherever he went, he was unable to help him, even the neighbors began to avoid him. Then what exactly is we can not say. It is not that we were all around Zahid's brother, how can we know?

For many days, Zahid Bhai was not seen in the mahalla, except for the landlord, nobody was worried about this. The landlord's rent is leaving, Zahid's brother locked his house and there is no news, what is his way of not worrying? After many days, Jahid Bhai was seen on the college road next to the dustbins. Incessant clothes, cheeks, mustache, jam-packed hair, are going on a rampage. All the scenes in this town are old in two days, and this situation of Jahid Bhai has also been all eyesight. But we do not tolerate that! What a fascinating man was, and what happened now! How much we tried to attract his attention, how I tried to identify myself, is no profit. There is no sign of silent-gray emptiness, no memories in his eyes, how do we know or how?

Do you lose memory when people are crazy? Is it possible for people to be emptied? I do not think so. But if it is not possible, then how does he forget his social status? This is what Jahid Bhai, sitting next to the dusty bin, does not go with his healthy-social life. How can he do that? Without it, a little ear is heard, the madmen just talk about the present, as if they have no past life! Many of the advantages of losing memory are many. Memory is sadness, even if it is a memory of happiness. Which cannot be found back again, what is the happiness or what? I can not be found that the mind is awake! Could it be that the mad people get this special advantage? What are the advantages of them? We want to know, but if we are not crazy then there is no way to know the world of crazy people. Many days ago Zahid Bhai read out from a book a few lines, 'The living dead do not accept the dead. We are living in a very subtle way. 'It may be said that the' crazy people 'do not accept' crazy 'people. From this point of view, we mean, 'healthy' people are living in a very subtle way.

We do not like this subordination. I think, from Jahid brother, I have to know what he thinks he has no memory! But when people saw them scurry in fear, they went into the dusty stack of the dustbin, and there is no way to get out of it, it is not possible to come near.

We then used his beliefs to find ways to produce different ways. In the morning there was a magazine and some food left beside him. I have noticed before that, some of the crazy people do not take anything, sometimes they pick up, or they pick up the things lying on the road. Jahid brother never wants anything But if we leave something, then they take them out after a while. The magazine that I left behind is scratching, it is a patch. Oh, ray! How much did he like to read books at one time! Will we leave any book for him? He does not know which book he likes. The magazine is better than that. Every day, new news, freshness, filled with excitement. We see he is a little easier. We started to take the magazines and food from our hands, not need to be left beside us. One day when one of our Zahid brothers wrote and composed a song tuned, we could see, the light started to glow in his eyes. Surprisingly, our name said, 'How do you do here? How big!

That means Zahid brothers have recognized us! Before that you did not say it, we were very happy with this change of address. I know, we know, Zahid brother?

Yes, why not? How big! What are you doing here?

What do you do here Why not go home?

I am here.

I know that. Why not go home?

Home? Which house are you talking about?

Understand that the episode has been deleted from his mind. Besides, the house is no more. The landlord broke the lock and stacked all the stuff in a room in the courtroom, rented the house to other people. Will return home or Jahid brother? The landlord can not be blamed. How long will he be locked in a flat? If you take him there now it will be worse than good, understand that. There is no memory in it, those stacked goods will increase his memorylessness. In this way, let's see what the alternative can be.

But the situation of Zahid brothers became worse every day. Before sitting quietly, he used to bark alone. Now began to speak loudly now. One day, he was standing on the footpath on the dustbins and screaming in the lecture. Not just talk, filthy abuse. We wondered, when did Jahid brother learn so much abuse? He is not speaking to anyone, but he is going to express himself. A standard language, filling voices, high voice. Saying about the country, talking about politics, talking about economics. The kids are curiously listening to him. The elders are standing away from the meeting. Zahid's brother is saying, 'People are going to die, they are going to be killed, girls are being raped, children are not being spared. Children are being raped, being killed. Nobody can tolerate anyone. Intolerance, intense intolerance around. Anarchy, unthinkable anarchy across the country. People are dying, poking fun, but they can not protest. They are kept silent and kept quiet. And on the other side, they are talking about development, the economic growth kwacha! What will happen with economic prosperity, if people are not there? 'How much more like this! The people around are silently listening to him, there is no response anywhere.

We have to remember that whatever Jahid Bhai is telling us, we too have a mind. We can not say that he is going to say helplessly! It seems that he is the son of a nephew, or who is able to speak the truth without any hesitation in such horrible times? Oh, if such a person could fill the earth! If we could be like this! But I think, the words Jahid brother talking about can bring disaster to him. Now at the time of sanctions, while standing up, it is not time to talk! It is a crime to say, maybe it is crime. We forced him out of the sidewalk. I say, why are you saying, Zahid brother? Can be in danger!

Danger? What is the danger?

What kind of danger! Can you say something before? These are not the words to say.

Why not say I'm like you?

So do not show courage.

Do you know the problem?

What's wrong with us again?

Serious problem You've lost to your subconscious.

What is that?

Is Freud sugar?

Yeah, I heard the name.

What is more than that, cow party! So, what did Freud say, know?

Yes I mean

Got it, do not know anything. Freud said, two levels of mind. Conscious-subconscious We cannot remember what we are aware and send it to the subconscious. Then who is responsible?

We would like to argue a little bit. I say, but there is nothing in my mind, Jahid brother.

That's it! The brain. The one we call the mind - the brain. What is the problem? We say we are sad, do we ever say that our brain is bad? Those who argue that they are all stupid. There is no meaning to the words used in human years, it is not!

We do not risk the debate anymore. Although now grown, and Zahid has become mad, it does not mean that we will be able to talk to him! Although we are silent, Zahid does not lose a beggar. Said, not to say, who is guilty? The unconscious of the consciousness?

Talking about any fault, I do not understand what the person is talking about, how can I answer? He did not tell us to say again, no party! Okay, what did young say about this?

Not knowing what Yong said, we did not hear this name any day. Freud's name, but on the other side, I heard, who is Junta? Jahid was shocked to see us stay silent, Hey that Carl Gustav Yong! What did he say?

The question of our knowledge does not arise. After listening to shouting, he remained silent.

Assassin's party! - He made a statement, Yong said the collective subconscious. That is, the memory and experience of the people who live the lives of the people are collected in the minds of every person. Then the level of the mind stood at three. Conscious, subconscious and joint subconscious. All people Just like crazy. Hahaha ... just crazy one mind, you have three. So what are you waiting for?

We ask for a face.

Standing that you have three minds, all the hypocrites. And one of my only. I do not have any sub-disciplines, there is no collective consensus, there is only the Conscious Mind. So whatever I want, I do whatever I want. I do not like you, I can give it to you in the face of this development, I can not afford it. Hahaha ...

We do not say anything else. Really, our three minds The conscious mind that understands or wants to say, subconscious dragees him toward himself, and does not say it. And we can not understand the third mind. We do not say anything in the mind of the conscious mind, we are silent, we are dumb to remain silent, we become dumb ...
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