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Title: What is Google Analytics and what it is used for?
Post by: hossen15-9477 on September 27, 2018, 01:00:34 PM
Google Analytics is used to create detailed statistics of web site visitors. The tracking code is triggered when the user opens the page in a web browser (provided the permitted performance JavaScript in a browser). This is an absolutely free service. It allows tracking links, run A / B-testing, and provides the traffic data in real time. Nevertheless, for more highly specialized information, such as reports on the conversion and the like, you must have some knowledge and skills to work in the service. Not so easy to analyze all the data provided by Google Analytics. So I do not advise you to use a free cheese.

I can suggest you other options. For example, it can be KISSmetrics. They provide the most detailed data about users logged on to the site, and you can even select a specific user, who came to the site and view the complete history of his activity on your site. However, in spite of the extended data provided for each logged-on user, KISSmetrics lacks other structured data, which provides, for instance, the same Google Analytics. In addition, the cost of the program is directly dependent on the activity on the site.

I also know about a good alternative to all these solutions – ShopingCartElite. Their developers have created a powerful service, which completely can suit you. It's Threat and Engagement Analytics (TEA). The main figures presented for websites in real-time social indicators, heat maps, visits, subsequent pages and traffic sources. They will notify you about the basic indicators: the income and downloads, connection time, screen views per session and number of sessions and others. I think you should try.