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Title: importance of weaning food
Post by: progga34-612 on September 26, 2018, 06:03:58 PM
Mother’s milk and weaning food is need for the growth and nutrition.
Balanced food
A diet which includes right amount of all the nutrients such as protein, vitamins,minerals,fats,carbohydrates etc.
Carbohydrates-cereals,root and  tubers
Protein- pulses, meal, egg and poultry.
Vitamins and minerals- vegetables and  fruits.
Weaning requirement:  increase the food intake.
Divide into 6 meal.
Garlic, fish and nuts should be included more.
Stress may reduce milk production.
Should eat a hygienicand and nutritious food.
Growth and weight will reduce due to imbalanced diet
Avoid oil food .
Importance of weaning food
Milk is a poor source of iron. So weaning food is need to get the iron.
For rapid growth.brain development.
Need certain nutrients-essential fatty acid for brain and visiual development.