Author Topic: A Lot of Workers Are Unhappy — But Their Bosses Are Thriving  (Read 39 times)


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A Lot of Workers Are Unhappy — But Their Bosses Are Thriving
A global study conducted by Microsoft’s Work Trend Index found that 41% of respondents were considering leaving their jobs

by Mark Editor and Source: Mind Daily Digest

41%: That’s the share of respondents in a 30,000-person global survey of workers conducted by Microsoft’s Work Trend Index who say they are considering leaving their jobs, as reported by Bloomberg.

The survey found that 54% of workers say they are overworked, and 39% say they are exhausted. Their bosses, meanwhile, seem not to be sharing in their struggles, as a majority of managers and company leaders surveyed reported that they were thriving at work.

Working remotely during the pandemic appears to be a mixed bag for workers — while some employees value the flexibility it provides, others suffer from increased isolation and blurred boundaries between work and home. Microsoft also found that the share of messages sent on its Teams messaging app sent after typical work hours had gone up by 42%. In Index, veteran remote worker
Will Leitch listed the common mistakes people tend to make when they work from home, such as neglecting to go outside during the day.

We think it wouldn’t hurt the bosses to get some outdoors time, too — and resist sending employees messages while they’re enjoying some sun.

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