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The skills that will get you a graduate job in marketing
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The skills that will get you a graduate job in marketing

Marketing is one of the most popular graduate jobs you’ll come across. For this reason, you'll need to impress graduate recruiters. If you’ve got a good mix of soft skills, academic ability and determination, you are well on the way to securing a marketing graduate job.

An interest in people and a commercial awareness are helpful to begin a graduate career in marketing. These skills are often developed in marketing and social science degrees but if you studied another subject, don’t panic. You can demonstrate these skills in other ways – through part-time work or extra-curricular activities, for example – and many recruiters will be as interested in your potential and aptitude as your experience.

Academic skills from your degree, such as the ability to interpret complex information, solve problems and work to deadlines will help open doors into a marketing career. The following skills are all necessary for a career in marketing.

Interpersonal and communication skills: You will be required to build an understanding of the consumer as well as the needs of the client, and express these to other members of your team and translate these needs into a marketing campaign. As such, good communication skills are vital.

Creativity: Depending on your role, you may be required to write copy for marketing materials and press releases or help with the layout and design of media. On top of this, your work may involve contributing to the ideas stage of planning a campaign. Innovation is likely to be prized as consumers get more media-savvy.

Teamwork: You will be required to work towards a coordinated campaign which may involve many different elements and media. It is essential that account managers, creatives and executives work closely to ensure that the needs of the client are met and the campaign is cohesive and effective.

IT skills: It is essential that you have adequate IT skills as marketing is increasingly conducted through online channels. You must also be able to collate, store and present market data effectively using computer technology.

Commercial awareness: An understanding of the market, consumer wants and needs and the business requirements of the client are essential for success in a marketing role, hence the importance of market research. Trade publications and company press releases, as well as keeping an eye on the financial markets can help build up this knowledge.

Look at the different areas of work to find out more about what specific skills you’ll need for different marketing roles. Sophie Lockard, an online marketing manager at, advises that, in order to enter her field of work: "Graduates will need to show that they are organised, a team player, have good communication skills and can think creatively, and that they have drive, motivation and lots of enthusiasm.'

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