Author Topic: Political Digital Marketing Strategies And Tactics (Considering Indian Context)  (Read 843 times)


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Political Digital Marketing Strategies And Tactics

Before we head on to studying and conjecturing about the guiding digital marketing strategy in place for the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), it’s important to first pause and understand the distinction between strategies and tactics and their relationship with a goal.

Any strategy is essentially the game plan to help meet certain goals. Tactics are the means to execute that strategy. For example, in a war, the goal would be to win over the opponent, strategy would be to divide and conquer and the tactic could be engaging in guerilla warfare.

As for understanding and discussing the digital marketing strategy of BJP, the first systematic step in the process is to gain a well-rounded sense of their objectives (which are preferably measurable). That’s what the following section talks about.

Digital Marketing Goals of BJP
Let’s try to think from the party’s shoes. What could be their goals when it comes to creating and executing a Digital Marketing Strategy?

1. Build A Solid Brand For The Party
Elections are quite an emotional subject, and that’s where the role of building a robust brand plays a significant role. Building a brand in this case essentially means developing an emotional and memorable connection for the masses with the party, its key individuals, guiding ideologies and agenda.

2. Generate Enough Excitement Before The Actual Voting
Simply building an emotional connection with the party is not enough. There also needs to be a continuous buzz of excitement and engagement, which needs to be maintained to keep the enthusiasm and momentum alive. After all, elections are a big event with a big outcome that demands ongoing interest and active participation of the masses.

3. Mobilize People To Show Reaction
Along with generating interest, it’s also important to ignite a response and reaction of sorts. That helps to consistently test their sentiments and at the same time leverage it to inspire others in the form of social proof.

4. Disburse Region-wise Personalised Content Digitally
Last, but not the least – Digital is an excellent, agile and cost effective medium to reach out to the masses and interact with them with personalized and tailored content. Leveraging digital is also driven by the goal to target the maximum number of people possible at a high frequency, and convince them by talking to each of them with the right mix of words – in the language they appreciate.

Now, with an understanding of the basic goals guiding the digital marketing framework, let’s move on to explore the strategy that appears to be working for the BJP.

Source: Digital Deepak