Author Topic: The Teacher’s Guide To Google Glass  (Read 1030 times)


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The Teacher’s Guide To Google Glass
« on: November 08, 2018, 10:48:10 PM »
If you’re as excited as Katie and me about Google Glass, this guide is for you. We like to take on the latest technology and see how it fits into education. If it doesn’t, we typically don’t write about it or will mention it in passing. But the potential for Google Glass in education is just too great. That’s why we thought it would be useful to compile an early-stages ‘Teacher’s Guide to Google Glass.’ Once the expensive pair of glasses actually makes it into the hands of a teacher, the typical lecture will become something totally different. In fact, much of the education process will be flipped as students will be able to view the world through the lens of a teacher (literally) and get a new perspective on learning.