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Teachers’ Concerns
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If a teacher feels that a learner has engaged in inappropriate behavior, it is likewise most effective to address the situation immediately and non-confrontationally.  If the matter is not resolved satisfactorily, the teacher should contact the course director, program director, or laboratory mentor to discuss the matter.  If the teacher wishes to make a formal allegation of misconduct, they should contact the following members of the administration:

1.  If the matter involves a medical student, contact the Associate/Assistant Dean for Student Affairs;

2.  If the matter involves a graduate student, contact the Associate Dean for Graduate Student Affairs;

3.  If the matter involves a postgraduate trainee, contact the Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education;

4.  If the matter involves a research fellow, contact the Associate Dean for Postdoctoral Affairs.

These allegations will be handled according to established School of Medicine policies published elsewhere.

V.   Procedures for Handling Allegations of Inappropriate Behavior in the Teacher/Learner Context

A. Upon being notified of alleged inappropriate behavior, the Associate or Assistant Dean will notify senior administration officials in a written report within 5 business days of the allegation as follows: