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The sun will rise again tomorrow: PK
« on: November 06, 2018, 12:58:48 AM »
Spanish footballer Gerard Pike In 2010, when Spain won the World Cup, there was an important contribution behind this victory. What is the world of peak thinking outside the field? Read his article-

I am a boy in Manchester United, and I'm out of the youth. There was a busy time. Because I have never been so far away from home. I was in Spain until the age of 17. When I was playing at Barcelona Youth Academy, it was my schoolyard. Everyone knows, everyone is like my family. Therefore, football was just a fun game for me. I did not understand the business involved in the game. Then when I stepped into the UK, I'm really telling you, I've got a shock.

I remember one of the first favorites at Old Trafford. We were preparing for the dressing room. It looked very nervous. Think, I was only 18 then. In the dressing room, Rud van Nistelrooy, Ryan Giggs, and Rio Ferdinand are sipping my socks beside me! If I could, I would disappear. I used to think in my mind that if I can not return to my own eyes, I can not live my life!

I sat by the side of Roy Buy. The dressing room is so small that he was walking with his feet. Pinpoint silence inside the room. At such a time, I heard the sound of a vibration.

Bijjajaj ... Bijjajaj ...

Roy looked around. I too


Bijjajj ... Bizajj ...

Killed! I realized that this is my cell phone. My phone is ringing inside my bag that is hanging around Ryan's head!

Roy did not understand where the word came from. In a short time, he was able to find a way out of the room like crazy. The Shining Picture is a famous scene, where Jack Nicholson broke into a door. Ray then looked like Jack Nicholson was furious.

Looking at everyone, he asked, 'Whose phone is this?'

All silence

Roy again asked the same question.

Now the silence.

For the third time, he shouted, 'What an ass's phone?'

Finally, I opened my mouth. Like a little boy, I said in a low voice, 'I'm sorry. The phone is mine. '

What else, Roy put his hand on my shoulder and said, 'No problem!'

Of course not! Kidding. Roy was very upset! I started crying so much that I was able to wet the pants when I was little! But it was a good education for me.

Now, how much has changed everything in this year 2016. Today's children sit in the hands of the iPhone before leaving the field. In 2006, it could not have been thought of. It's just one of the thousands of mistakes I made in the UK's days.

Just playing soccer was not difficult. Language, culture and above all loneliness - all have suffered me. Staying away from everyone is the most difficult. For a 17-year-old boy, away from the family, walking with all the famous players, being under the supervision of a manager like Sir Alex (Alex Ferguson) ... is a tough one. In England, there have been many such days in the first two years, after returning home all day training returned home. I'm alone in my apartment. Then the mother used to call me and I used to lied, 'No mother, there is no problem. Everything is fine. '

All was not exactly right. I wish I could go to Spain in a hurry.

I remember, Dad said a very important one. I would call my father, 'I do not know, father. The manager cannot trust me. They are much stronger. I am not able to do with them.

Dad said, 'pretty. One thing you know, today is a bad day. But remember, the sun will rise again tomorrow. '

I do not know why I would love to hear it. We got the courage to move forward. I'm very fortunate. Because, as much as I was busy, as much as I could have been, Sir Alex kept me as much from that day. There is a good manager of this quality. If he does not play you, he will scold you, but you will feel that at the end of the day he wants your best. Sir Alex is like a father to me. I had to get my place right, but he gave me the opportunity to earn.

I could have thought about how many things could have been if I did not have such a fortune in my career. But they do not come in the headline of the magazine. Looks like the title, everything is so easy! But in reality, the most important aspects are behind the news.

For example, I can talk about Messi. Many ask you've been playing with Messi for so many years; how it feels? If I had to say in one sentence, I would say, he is an alien. He is not a resident of this world.

He is the only player, I remember the first viewing feeling. Then our age is probably 13 Seeing Messi, I said, 'This boy must have come from any other world, this is not a man.'

He is a murderer! She is the best in my eyes But I know, but I do not say this on the stance of his attack. People ask, "What is the most interesting thing about Leo in the field?" They expect I would say how and with the three defenders of the defense, they took the ball with a ball ... something like that. Believe me, I know many such stories.

But for all these reasons I'm not calling him Alien. Messi impressed me when he does not have balls on his feet! You may not see on TV, I can see. When he gets back to the ball from the protective player, he will see his face. I saw a vision in his eyes, which was not found in any footballer. This is the reason for his specialty. There is nothing to show the man in him. Even the rarely 'step over'. Messi fabricated in another metal. This is his magic to get the ball, that is his magic. It will never be titled. Messi's real magic is that you will never get to YouTube. This magic hides in the visions of his eyes.

Coming to the last World Cup in the world, wondering where is my position in the world? I wonder how much distance I had, what else to achieve in life? I think, as a player, we should tell people more about our life. They meant, what's inside of our head. This mentality is the most needed in today's world.

If you are watching television in Madrid, you think everyone in Barcelona is destroying the country. Again, if you watch television in Barcelona, it seems that the country has gone into the abyss for Madrid.

Everyone is bad. But it depends on where you are sitting watching TV, on it

Spent more than half of his life playing football. Now iI'm31 years old I said, retiring at the age of 30. Actually, what made me eager to prolong my career, you know? Not playing in the field; Time spent in the dressing room with people like Messi, Puyol, Neymar, Roy Kinney (though Roy Keen was killing me almost at the dressing room!)

A long journey to football at the end of the day. You will win, lose, be ashamed, make mistakes, laugh, cry out, do something like a fool, sit down. All of the team, one day, maybe one assistant coach will set fire to buy bikes ...! Do not tell that story or another day.

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