Author Topic: Using Facebook Instant Articles: Pros and Cons  (Read 6946 times)

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Using Facebook Instant Articles: Pros and Cons
« on: October 27, 2018, 02:16:42 AM »
Adapting existing content to a new format inevitably comes with challenges. Here are some of the greatest pros and cons associated with using Facebook Instant Articles with your WordPress website:

Facebook Instant Articles: Pros

* Faster site load speed = an enhanced user experience.
* Users may share your content more.
* Gives publishers access to new monetization options.
* Access to new audiences and increased reach.

Facebook Instant Articles: Cons

* Only displays your article: Facebook will not show anything that isn’t directly related to your article’s content, such as your important widgets or email signup forms.
* Limits photos, videos, and ad blocks (though you can still use them with a little tinkering).
* It presents yet another way a company is trying to serve up your own content. In other words, you have less control as people aren’t hitting your original site. People have expressed similar concerns with Google AMP.
* You have to get manually approved by Facebook.