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Quality Track Process
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Quality Control
The in-house laboratory of Vortex can carry out a variety of technical tests:

Controls on raw materials:
– height control;
– weight per square meter;
– hue (light chamber);
– resistance to surface wetting (spray test);
– visual inspection in sight glass for the detection of defects.

Controls on finished products:
– resistance to conventional washing and dry cleaning
– inspection of permeability to air;
– breathing;
– impermeability;
– resistance to de-lamination, laceration, traction…
– dimensional stability to sublimation printing;
– dimensional stability to conventional washing and dry cleaning;
– abrasion (Martindale);
– the solidity of color after friction…

Vortex has defined activities and responsibilities with the goal of identifying, through suitable means, all incoming materials and semi-processed products employed, products and samples manufactured in the company in all the steps of the production cycle.
Vortex guarantees the traceability of its products, i.e. the ability to trace back the production batch, the supplier, the processing phases and the personnel involved.

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Re: Quality Track Process
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