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Improve your quality control process
« on: October 16, 2018, 02:04:14 PM »
Being recognized as a Leader in discrete manufacturing is a direct result of end-to-end quality management. There are four key ways these best-in-class organizations accomplish this:

1. Collect better data
2. Track data as it’s created
3. Streamline tasks and processes
4. Enable real-time reporting

1. Collect better data
Spreadsheets and paper forms are often perceived as easy-to-use tools for data collection, but their error-prone nature can cause some real problems for your business and disrupt efficient operations. By replacing paper and spreadsheets with a collaborative online manufacturing software solution, you can improve your quality control process and see an almost immediate reduction in waste (both in terms of time and costly scrap), higher efficiency and better adherence with ISO 9001 standards.

Track data as it’s collected
By leveraging new mobile technologies like smart phones and tablets, quality managers and directors can get critical data into the right hands instantly. Think about the efficiencies you could gain if data from the shop floor wasn’t floating around on clipboards and printed spreadsheets. Imagine simply scanning a barcode or QR code and having all of the information about that part or product at your fingertips.

Streamline tasks and processes
Time is money. Automating your complex, critical the workflows and processes saves time and reduces the cost of quality. And there’s no more guessing what stage of production the final product is in. Instead, information is collected and managed from anywhere, even right on the production line. When one step in the production process is complete, the next step in your workflow is automatically triggered.

Enable real-time reporting
When you’re armed with automated workflows, real-time notifications and up-to-the-minute data, it’s only natural that your management team can drive better-informed decisions across the enterprise. Spotting production problems as they happen can help you greatly improve your quality control process, leading to happier customers and positive financial results.