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What is SA 8000 – Awareness and Implementation?
« on: October 14, 2018, 08:01:06 PM »
The standard that received maximum neglect from the management of RMG industries of Bangladesh is SA 8000. That is probably a reason that our very matured entrepreneurial achievement in the RMG sector is at stake of sustenance. And the threat is originating from labor unrest.

SA 8000 is such a standard that encompasses all key issues of labor management that can give rise to discontent and turmoil. It is forward-looking and proactive, nipping the problems in bud, and keeping the organization’s management system primed for future challenges.

The secret of TATA MOTOR’S preparations for certification to SA 8000 – being a non-RMG industry - is a testimony of the marvels that SA 8000 can work.

If you know this standard, if you understand this standard, you will agree that most of our labor problems would subside.

How? You will learn in the course.

About SA 8000

SA 8000 standard is a multidimensional tool for managing the social and compliance issues of the workforce. It involves compliance with national and international laws, rules and regulations, international conventions, and industry best practices. It is a proactive management system based on Demming’s PDCA cycle.

SA 8000 is a hard-earned certification that enhances company image and impresses buyers.

Only 1600 plus facilities in the world are certified to SA 8000 Standard today as opposed to 800,000 certificates of ISO 9001:2000. Many facilities have been decertified due to inadequate compliance.

But does it mean that it is a difficult standard which cannot be complied with easily??

No. Learn why it is not so, through your participation in the course.

Interactive Lecture
PowerPoint Presentation
Participatory Method
Contents of Training:
1. Introduction
2. Description, interpretation, implementation, auditing of all 9 clauses of SA 8000 covering Child Labor, Forced Labor, Health and Safety, Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining, Discrimination, Disciplinary Practices, Working Hour, Remuneration, Management System.
3. Understanding of audit and auditing SA 8000 system.
4. Certification issues.