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Curriculum of Digital Marketing course
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The programme will include lectures structured around seven modules as follows:

Module I: Business, marketing & e-marketing

1.What is digital marketing?
2.Advantages of digital medium over other media
3.Digital medium in today's marketing plan

Module II: Search marketing

1.Basics of search marketing: organic & paid search results
2.Overview of Google AdWords
3.Keyword research and analysis
4.Tracking the success of SEM
5.Search Engine Optimization techniques
6.On-page & Off-page optimization

Module III: Social media marketing

1.Different social media channels
2.Social media for various businesses: B2C & B2B
3.Measuring social media ROI
4.Content marketing: Storytelling in social media

Module IV: Email marketing

1.The basics of email marketing
2.The concept of A/B testing & its use in email marketing

Module V: Display marketing

1.Different kinds of display marketing
2.The display marketing ecosystem
3.Retargeting & dynamic retargeting

Module VI: Mobile Marketing

1.Different kinds of mobile marketing
2.The mobile marketing ecosystem

Module VII: Web analytics

1.Digital measurement landscape
2.Introduction to Google Analytics
3.Interpreting the data in Google Analytics

Additional Tutorial classes

1.There will be at least 3 additional tutorial classes in between modules throughout the course
2.Schedule will be announced along with the course session plan
3.Objective is to catch up and take stock of progression of learnings
4.Also, learn inter-module dynamics of digital marketing channels

End Term Project

1.Project based on industry case study.

Optional On-Campus Module (Limited Seats)

1.Campaign Strategy & Planning workshop
2.End term project case study solution & presentation by participants
3.To be scheduled in the weekend immediately after the last weekend of the course.

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