Author Topic: When do you see Twitter Ads?  (Read 511 times)


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When do you see Twitter Ads?
« on: September 26, 2018, 08:01:57 PM »
When do you see Twitter Ads:
According to Twitter, “A Promoted Tweet will appear in a user’s timeline only if the Tweet is likely to be interesting and relevant to that user.”

Much like other ad platforms use information available to them about a user to determine their interests, Twitter does the same to display only the most relevant ads to their users. This is based primarily on the user’s behavior on Twitter. Who did they follow? What did they like? Retweet? Reply to?

In addition, a promoted tweet will only target each user once, so you know that when you spend money on Twitter ads, you’re targeting different people.
Some Tips on Building an Engaging Twitter Ad
Understand your objectives. If your goal is to grow you audience, doing a promoted tweet probably won’t help you as much as doing a promoted account. If your goal is to drive traffic to your website, a promoted tweet might be the way to go. Luckily, Twitter’s ad interface has been redesigned to help take the guess work out of this for you by starting with your objectives.
Target the right audience. With any ad, knowing your audience is key, but with Twitter, it might be even more important. Because of the “firehose” nature of Twitter, in order for ads to stick with a user they have to be very relevant to them. Use interest keywords, geography, gender, and even device to target your users.
Use multimedia. Twitter has evolved from the days of 140 characters and nothing else. Now, the tweets with the most engagement are picture and video tweets, so whenever possible, be sure to include images and if possible, video, in your promoted tweets.