Author Topic: Special session to make psycho graphic profile of the student of Action Aid  (Read 803 times)

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Have we ever thought how much lucky we are in contact with our parents? Maybe somebody never thought that way! Once you can realize from the core of your heart that how lucky we are. In this world people are not poor due to lack of resources. People are in need of lack of affection or lack of love. People feel inadequate due to lack of affection in this earth. Most of those who are captives in this frame are not lucky like us! For some reason they are far away from their parents. So their place is today in some Shelter Homes in our country. There is no roof named love on their heads. What a brutal maze of luck! Is not it? Yet everyone is studying in their own efforts, trying to do something by himself. Daffodil Institute of Social Sciences (DISS) wants to do something to make the path smooth on their life. To that end, we have taken initiatives to work with a variety of professional training and workshop to increase efficiency of their skills.
Not only training and workshops, but to be established as a good human being in society, everything steps will be taken by . In order to illuminate themselves as well as to enlighten themselves, they can enlighten society as well.

Thanks Sabur khan Sir! For taking such a time-consuming initiative.
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