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Determine Job Family Zone
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Determine Job Family Zone

  Determine the appropriate zone within the selected job family by matching the job description of the new or revised job to the zone criteria described in the Zone Placement Matrix. Descriptions of other unit jobs in the job family zone should also be reviewed when making this determination.

    Job families have four zones: 
    Each zone represents a recognizable and measurable difference in levels of responsibilities, complexity, impact, skills and expertise within the specific job family. The objective of the zone placement is to find the zone that generally fits with the nature of the job. Some jobs may contain duties and responsibilities that partially fit in two zones. The best-fit zone is the one that is consistent with the majority of the job's duties and responsibilities.


The following zone definition factors are described in the Zone Placement Matrix. They are used to make zone placement decisions.
    1.Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
    2.Problem Solving and Decision Making
    4.Nature of Supervision

Source: University of Nebraska-Lincoln