Author Topic: What is the best way to plan a Facebook marketing strategy?  (Read 155 times)


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What is the best way to plan a Facebook marketing strategy?
« on: September 27, 2018, 01:14:44 PM »
The current generation, the GenY popularly called the Millennials whose entire lives revolve around the internet, social media is the key to connect with the global audience.  If we just consider Facebook, as of the fourth quarter of 2015, it had 1.59 billion monthly active users (Statista: Number-of-monthly-active-FB-users-worldwide). The impact of Facebook is considerably high as compared to other social media networks.

Keep in mind your primary objectives for Facebook marketing:
*Be aware
*Be considered
*Be evaluated
*Be purchased
*Manage reputation
*Build loyalty
Here are few necessary steps to get your Facebook marketing strategy in place.
1.The 1st step is to establish a well defined objective/goal that you hope to achieve. More Facebook likes? More fan engagement? More sales conversion? Each of these metrics has its own value, so choose your main objective before you get started. Select S.M.A.R.T. Goals for your marketing strategy

2.Add a clear and direct call to action. Include a Call to Action in the body text of your Facebook paid ad to encourage the users to act as per your requirements.

3.Use Facebook ads to highlight your special deals.

4.Identify your target audience based on the page insights generated by Facebook. Also, Facebook has unique targeting options for the paid ads you won’t find elsewhere.
5.Aside from your social media image selection, the headline is one of the main ways your ad will make an impact.
6.Add multiple images to your FB content: Posts and ads with images get higher engagement than generic content, as they help you stand out in a flooded news feed.
7.Assess your progress from time to time and keep track of your goals. Plan out for an entire year to assess and tweak your plan when needed.
Lastly, Follow these 3 Golden rules:

Integrate Facebook with your other channels and networks
Content is King: Focus on rich and engaging content to tap into the viral nature of Facebook.
Make sure that you highlight your company’s best qualities– Be transparent, accountable and respectful.
I hope this helps! All the best!!!