Author Topic: Does Twitter really help drive blog traffic?  (Read 141 times)


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Does Twitter really help drive blog traffic?
« on: September 27, 2018, 12:30:35 PM »
While it’s true Twitter does help to drive blog traffic, don’t be mislead by the numbers. Those who gets high traffic are high influencers and branded names.

To use Twitter to bring in the numbers, you need to have great content as well as niche followers. Those who followed brand names, influencers, trend setters and gurus are those that really wants to get more info out from them. Therefore, they need to click the links to get the details.

Unlike most people who simply follow to get followback. Your followers play an important role. If your followers are in this group, good luck.

Don’t depend too much on RTs (unless you use Guy Kawasaki technique piously). Take a look at your keyword or topic from Twitter Search. How many of those posts are being retweeted and what’s the number of retweets/loves these posts get? It’s not much unless it’s truly viral.

Retweet doesn’t mean clicks. So, you need an analytical tool like GA to help you.

Personally, for a single post I published, I can easily get 100 clicks from Stumbleupon in a day and at least 2 clicks from Twitter. By the way, I did not follow Guy Kawasaki method.

My advice is to build a strong, highly dependable followers and create unique content to be shared around. It’s all about probability. Aim for 1:10 first. Out of 10 people who sees your post, one will click. Build your followers based on this ratio.