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How to create highly engaging emails?
« on: September 27, 2018, 11:53:39 AM »
Email have moved much beyond being simple weekly text emails. With advanced scheduling features, predefined HTML templates and seamless marketing campaign integration, emails can deliver an engaging customer experience and have a direct impact on the bottom-line like never before.

To engage users, these are the most important points to remember and execute:

Excellent/Compelling content - As content is the king, you need to write excellent, engaging content. This content can be mainly divided into 3 parts (but focus on each) - Headline/subject of a mail, body, ending/CTA. The heading/subject is the most important content you need to focus on as it drives the user to open your email. Next, comes the body, which should match with the headline immediately so as to establish trust. Convey your message crisply and then make sure this drives the recipient to take action. And to take action, mention the appropriate CTA and also your social channels for further engagement and thus, making it shareable!
Personalization - Targeting works well so as to obtain personalization in your email. Always send from a “more human” email and not with names/domains which makes your letter seem automated or sent from a robot.
Appealing graphics - Use graphics which match with your content, especially the tone. Also, keep it simple and make your content more prominent.
Also, keep in mind the demographics of your recipients. (location, gender, timings etc) Using which, you can send your email at the right time and the right place and for the right people!
Please make sure the links(URLs) you have mentioned in your emails, and the link which you route your visitors/recipients work (don’t break or show 404 error and can take a solid traffic load).
But before all this, you need a skilled designer, web developer to code and design the newsletter from scratch. Instead of all this hoopla, you can actually design your own newsletter without any coding experience! Yes, you can use the drag and drop newsletter builder from Agile CRM for free!