Author Topic: Ways Facebook Can be Useful.  (Read 923 times)


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Ways Facebook Can be Useful.
« on: September 26, 2018, 09:09:35 PM »
A lot of criticism has been leveled at social media and the effect it has on the way students process and retain information, as well as how distracting it can be.

Facebook Can be Useful: 

1. Build up your brand:   If you’re trying to build up a small business, maybe you don’t think of Facebook as the perfect platform to start a fan base. Facebook can seem a bit daunting (we still have trouble understanding all those tabs!), but chances are, most of your potential customers are on there every day.

2. Promote your blog:  You can send messages to members of your group—for example, letting them know when you have a new blog post—which you can’t do with Facebook pages.

3. Find a job:  When you think of networking and finding job opportunities, LinkedIn may be the network that comes to mind. But with its sheer volume of daily users, Facebook can actually be just as useful—if not more—in helping you get hired.

4. Find new employees:  Just as Facebook can be a useful in finding a place to work, it can be useful in finding people to work for you.

5. Form a study group:  Whether you’re finishing up your undergrad degree or in the midst of getting your MBA, Facebook can be a surprisingly easy and helpful tool outside the classroom.