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What are some guidelines for sponsored content
« on: September 26, 2018, 04:13:54 PM »
some guidelines for sponsored content:
1. Understand your target market:
For example, a recent study of global executives showed a surprising result: 84% of those surveyed are open to high-quality, clearly marked, helpful advertising from brands. Younger users of tools like Instagram, Imgur, and Facebook are also open to appropriate ads as long as they aren’t pandering in tone, and readers of blogs like Buzzfeed and Bustle have come to expect sponsored content, making them more open to it .
2. Assess multiple potential venues:
Social media platforms and news sites are usually the first to come to mind when brands think of doing sponsored content, but much of the business world is still stuck using email.
3. Make sure your content is in a format that is welcome:
Auto-play video and audio are seen as incredibly intrusive and are one of the top reasons people use ad blocker and audio blocker plug-ins and extensions.
4. Do a thorough assessment of cost and audience :
before partnering with an influencer for sponsored content. Influencer marketing is popular right now, and Instagram and Snapchat certainly have their share of influencers creating sponsored content with brands.
5. Disclosure, disclosure, disclosure:
The FTC is setting clear rules about disclosures these days, so make sure you understand them and comply. Being creative with images and hashtags can help with disclose requirements on sites that are tight for space, like Twitter.