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Facebook Business Manager – Part 1
« on: August 14, 2018, 03:12:03 PM »
The setup process is only a few steps, but you need to make sure you have the right person setting it up. Facebook recommends the primary admin be in charge of setting up the Business Manager.

For smaller companies, this may be the CEO, and for larger companies, this may be the CMO, Marketing Director or Social Media Manager. This person will be responsible for inviting users, granting them access to manage work Pages or accounts and getting the billing information set up (if needed). It’s also recommended that you have more than one admin on an account in the case of a person leaving a company or unforeseen issues.
Step 1 – Getting Started
Facebook is great about moving you through the process, so carefully follow their instructions. Here is the information you need to get started.
Step 2 – Info About Your Business
Answer these four questions to provide Facebook with some basic information about your Business Manager, but remember:

1.You will probably select Advertiser if you are not an App Developer. It is highly recommended that the company set up and own its own Business Manager rather than having an agency set it up for you. It’s better to grant an agency access than have them own it on your behalf.
2.Choose your industry category (as close as you can) from the drop down. This will have no bearing on your actual company Page.
3.Select how many people will be working in your Business Manager. This includes company employees and agencies.
Step 3 – Business Name and Page
Enter your business name. Please note this is how it will appear in Business Manager, so make sure it’s accurate if you plan on working with agencies or a social media contractor. It will make everyone’s life easier when trying to work on your account.

AGENCY PRO TIP: Set up a screen share to make sure you’re on the same Page as the client on how the business is named.

Select the primary Page you want to connect to this Business Manager. According to Facebook, “This is the Facebook Page that best represents the business you work for and isn’t a personal or client Page.” If you are the admin of multiple business Pages, select the primary one right now and add the others later (see below).

Remember that you must have access to at least one business Page or you will have to create one.
Step 4 – Your Business Manager Profile
The last step is to enter your personal information exactly how you want it to appear in the Business Manager. In case you were wondering, other users will not have access to your personal Facebook profile. Something else to note, your activity will not show in the manager.

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Re: Facebook Business Manager – Part 1
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