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Top cyber security certifications
« on: July 25, 2018, 12:38:29 PM »
Two of the most common questions I’m asked are, "Is having a computer security certification is helpful in getting a job or starting a career in computer security?, and if so, "Which certification should someone get?." The answer to the first question is a definite yes. Getting a certification, while not a cumulative showing of your entire experience and knowledge in a particular area, can only help you. That’s true not only in getting a new job, but in improving your knowledge and experience overall, even in your current job.

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Critics often say a certification means nothing, and that acumen and experience are the only true differentiators. As a holder of dozens of IT certifications, I beg to differ. More importantly, most employers agree with me. While a computer certification doesn’t tell the whole story, to say it doesn’t say anything about a person is an error in the opposite direction.

Every certification I’ve gained took focused, goal-oriented study, which employers view favorably, as they do with college degrees. More important, I picked up many new skills and insights into IT security while studying for each certification test. I learned about new things, and I also gained new perspectives on subjects I thought I had already mastered. I became a better employee and thinker because of all the certifications I have studied for and obtained. You will too.