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How much does it cost to make an Amazon affiliate site
« on: July 13, 2018, 07:20:05 AM »
You will not find the answers to these questions on how or what Amazon Affiliate Marketing is doing in this post. I'm only talking about the cost here.

So, how much does it cost to make an Amazon affiliate site?

Before calculating the money, there is a need to understand. Many people spell the site much bigger, then the cost increases, of course. Again many try to create a small site, everything will be minimized. The ideal way would be to stay in the middle of this path. If you have to stay in the middle then a minimum cost will definitely be. We will talk about the minimization cost in this post.

Keyword Research
First of all, search keywords for the site. In Keyword Research we will not be able to use the keyword revival. This tool tie is more preferred because it is easy to use, free version and there is also easy to pay plan. If you do not want to read its FREE daily, it would be best if you take a small payment plan. The cost will be $ 10 / month.

The next thing you need to do is the domain. Here people make a mistake, buying a domain from Godaddy. Godaddy may give you $ 1 USD or $ 3 for a promotion in the first year because of a promotion, but the renewal fee is the highest in Goddaddy. They can charge $ 15 or 20 dollars from the second year. My choice is Namecheap. Every year, they can be cut to 10 dollars, but there is no problem. There is also a great customer support.

If your site is small, Namecheap is a very good option for hosting. Since most of the affiliate sites are too small, Namecheap's basic hosting plan tie will be ideal. Its price and the first year is $ 10. From next year it's like 39 dollars.

This theme will require your theme for the site. The price of the theme is almost the same, whether it is buying or buying from ThemeForest. Do not hold 50 dollars to buy your theme.

If you do not have a mentality of content, then it will be better not to create a site because the site will not come unless there is good content, in fact, the paragraph will not fall over, but it will not be converted. If the content is purchased from Passive Journals, then the cost will be 1000 Word at 1400 taka. Up-work or freelancer every 1600-2000 thousand takas in every 1000 word would like to get good writers. Independent and other content houses, all the prices are pretty much around.

If you want 20,000 word content, then the cost is 28 thousand taka.

At this stage, your site is now ready and at this stage maybe you have started earning and have done SEO just like your site if you are doing SEO. Some tools are needed for SEO, but good idea to think of these products as a broad investment without thinking of the original investment site.

The site is a business for you, is not it?

In the first capital of this business, how much did your cost?

You looked like 34 thousand takas.
Add some "habijabi" costs to it. For example, logos and SSL certificates can be set aside for more than 5 thousand takas.

Now you do SEO on your site itself and at the outset do not spend any money on your SEO. When you see that your site has started to earn, then understand that the business is earning and now I can invest more.

At this time you can invest in some more tools.

All solutions for SEO research and ranking will be good for Ahrefs costs $ 99 per month. You can also use Serpbook if you want to use a small service to monitor rankings. The cost will be 16 dollars/month.

This is the approximate calculation of setting up a basic affiliate site. Have I dropped anything? Then tell a little about the comments, I will edit the post.


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Re: How much does it cost to make an Amazon affiliate site
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Good to go.. Very informative, Thank You.
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