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The 5 types of project management processes
« on: June 26, 2018, 01:51:25 PM »
The 5 types of project management processes

According to the “Project Management Body of Knowledge” (aka. The PMBOK Guide, the standard guidebook for project managers around the world), there are 5 types of project management processes:

initiating - recognizing the beginning of the the project or a phase and that one phase can continue into the next one. Initiation process keeps the team focused on the business or halt the project if it fails to meet all the needs and preferences.
planning - creating a workable scheme that will include clearly defined activities, cost estimates, schedule development and resource planning.
executing - carrying out the processes which are followed by regular information distribution and team development.
monitoring and controlling - controlling the quality of project results, observing significant changes and making necessary adjustments to the project
closing - gathering all the necessary data to ensure that the projected is completed.

The processes do not necessarily follow a chronological pattern. Both in life and business, some things can get out of hand and are sometimes difficult to control. This is why processes usually overlap throughout different phases of the project and become ultimately dependent on one another.

Processes are linked by the outcomes they produce - the result of one process becomes an input to another. For example, the planning process provides the executing process with an early project plan. But the planning process is not over - it continues to play a role as it updates the plan as the project progresses.

Project planning is the most significant process as it should help you clearly layout all the details of the work to be done and predict possible hurdles you will need to overcome along the way.

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