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Report Writing Skills Training
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Good ideas do not always get the attention that they deserve. Frequently, badly organised, wordy reports tend to hide important information, and the important messages are lost.
How employees benefit from attending writing training courses

Because reports play an essential role in many business operations, they need to be read, understood, and often, acted upon. Unfortunately, most of us have too much to read and too little time to plough through all of the paperwork that lands on our desks.

If writers include too much information or too many words, they produce reports that are lengthy, wordy and difficult to read; if they use overly-formal language and an inconsistent or inapproriate layout, their reports will be unappealing and unclear.

We show participants a systematic approach to report writing so that they are able to write clear, logically structured reports in less time.

Which means that the employer and the reader benefit too.
The specific benefits of report writing training

Participants will see how to:

use a number of easy-to-learn report-writing techniques
ensure their reports are well structured, that they flow logically and look professional
make their reports easier to read, and therefore to understand
make essential parts of the report stand out
make it easy for different readers to navigate around the report
produce documents that enhance the image of both the writer and the organisation
The report writing training course is designed for
Anyone who produces reports and needs them to be understood and acted upon.

The duration and options for our report writing training courses
We run these courses as one or two-day programmes.
On the two-day report writing course, participants have the opportunity to practise new skills using our course materials and their own documents.

Please contact us if you would like to organise a wrtiting training programme of a different duration.

Report Writing Course Outline
Systematic preparation/planning

considering the purpose
considering the readers
considering the context
Logical structure

structuring for logical flow
organising ideas
balance and emphasis
planning the content
Guiding the reader

constructing titles, headings and subheadings
producing effective lists
using visual aids and examples
Language choice

using plain English
being clear and concise
writing accurately
avoiding the passive voice
Finishing techniques

professional presentation
using a consistent format, style, layout
writing an executive summary
Report Writing Exercises
group work
discussion & feedback on participants' reports

To make sure that the course is relevant to the participants' report writing needs, we use their own reports as practice exercises. We ask the organisers to send us sample reports two weeks before the course date.