Author Topic: Advanced Reporting & Presentation Skills for Managers  (Read 893 times)

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Advanced Reporting & Presentation Skills for Managers
« on: June 10, 2018, 10:31:02 AM »
This highly interactive training workshop provides a toolbox of skills for effectively and efficiently handling all types of reporting and presentation related coordination. Participants will learn the ways of various reporting to management to help improve their performance and present a professional, knowledgeable image that reflects well on business. At the program's conclusion, you should be able to:

• Extract data
• Identify the need of reporting
• What, why and how to develop a precise report
• Demonstrate how to present the report with presentation
• Describe techniques for powerpoint presentation
• Dashboards development through MS Excel
• How to make effective write up

This workshop will create benefit for the participants with guidelines of being motivated and motivating others for better engagement and better productivity. It will help them to identify the way motivation for getting challenging job/business in greater dimension.

Interactive communication, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and Answer Session.
Contents of Training:
Developing effective reporting and presentation skills: Information Collection Process
• Find information
• Gather Information
• Make Evaluation
• Extract the targeted information

Extract Data
• Transform information to data
• Structure data for detail analysis

Data conversion to report
• Understanding the necessity of reporting
• Conversion of structured data to Sub reports
• Get individual sub reports Results

Reporting Structure:
• Combine Individual sub reports to a detailed report
• Finding Errors
• Set check points for each error
• Testing
• Extract a summarized report

Present report through various ways including PPT:
• Understanding of necessity of presentation
• Present Reports
• Priority and linked reporting
• Meaningful and connected presentation of report

Dashboard Development and Write Up Skills
• Understanding dashboards
• Necessity of dashboards
• Understanding Write Ups
• Ways of communicating standard write ups
• FAQs