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Record of Rights (Khatiyan)
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 Record of Rights (Khatiyan)

What is Khatiyan?         

•         This is a Persian word.

•         Document for identifying land.

•         Documents prepared through survey for the purpose of determining possession, ownership and assessing Land Development Tax is known as Khatiyan.

•         It is also known as Record of Rights, Sottolipi or porcha.

•         This is only record of rights but this is not a deed of ownership.

•         Each Upazilla is divided into small plots. These plots are known as mouza. The mouza is given a number. The number is known as mouza number. It is also known as Jurisdiction List Number.

•         Mouza again is divided into plots. This number usually begins from north-west point and ends up to the south-east point.

•         A particular owner or several owners may have several plots. A Khatiyan is opened for a/more complete plot or part of a plot.

•         Hundred Khatiyans are bound together mouza wise. So it may increase in number depending on the Khatiyans.

•         A separate Jott number is also given in tahsil office for payment of Land Development Tax.


Contents of Khatiyan

•         Rule, Tenancy Rules,

–       Plot No. ---partial or complete.

–       Name, father’s name, address of the owner or owners.

–       Portion of a owner, total amount of land, class and nature of land, location, easement right, amount of Land Development Tax payable, mode of paying tax, rights and obligations of the tenants, rent free status etc.


·       Jareep Khatiyan

ü SA Khatiyan

ü RS Khatiyan

ü BS Khatiyan

ü City Jareep

ü CS Khatiyan

ü Diara Jareep etc

·       Mutation Khatiyan

Mutation Khatiyan:

•         Normally Khatyan is made through jareep. But jareep does not always take place. Property may be transferred in-between two jareeps. Then the change of ownership needs to be reflected in the Khatiyan. Such kahtiyan done through mutation proceedings is known as mutation khatiyan. AC Land office does this.

Survey/Jareep Khatiyan:                                                                                 

•         Khatiyan is prepared through land survey. This survey is conducted by Land Record and Survey Department situated at Tejgoan. It has its own press to print Khatiyan. Khatiyan are given nomenclature according to the name of the survey i.e. CS khatiyan, RS Khatiyan SA Khatiyan etc



Classification of “Survey Khatiyan”

CS Khatiyan : This khatiyan was prepared under Bengal Tenancy Act 1885. This is known as Cadastral Survey. This survey started from ramu of Cox’s Bazar upazila on 1888 and ends on 1940.

RS Khatiyan : After 50 years of CS survey another survey was held on. This survey was known as Revisional Survey and the khatiyan made from this survey is known as RS Khatiyan. The purpose of this survey is to update the amount of land, owner’s name and possessor’s name. It is more authentic than the CS khatiyan.

SA Khatiyan : This Khatiyan was prepared under State Acquisition and Tenancy Act 1950. Actually this is not a practical Survey or this is not based on field survey. This khatiyan was made on the information was given by the Zamindar or Landlord. SA khatiyan means State acquisition khatiyan or Settlement Attestation. It is also known as PS khatiyan or Pakistan Survey Khatiyan. This is not an authentic khatiyan.

BS Khatiyan : This is the more authentic khatiyan than all other khatiyan. A survey was started on 1970 which is continuing till now. This survey is known as Bangladesh Survey and the khatiyan made from BS survey is known as BS Khatiyan or Bangladesh Survey Khatiyan.

Some important assessments for Khatiyan and Land :

20 Til/ 06 Donto = 1 Kranti/ Konto.

03 Kranti/ Konto = 1 Kora.

04 Kora = 01 Gonda.

20 Gonda = 01 Aana/ Kani.

16 Aana = 01/ 01 Taka.

16 Kani = 01 Dron.

01 Gonda = 2 Shotok/ Decimal.

01 Gonda = 1.2 Katha.

01 Gonda = 864 Sq Ft.

01 Katha = 715 Sq Ft.

01 Shotok/ Decimal = 432 Sq Ft.

How to identify Different types of Khatiyan :

RS Khatiyan : 1. Vertical and it has two pages.

2. The name of the district, Mouja and number of khatiyan is witten on the top of the first page of this Khatiyan.

3. “According to Section 105/106/108/109…” this is written at the bottom of the first page.

4. “Possessor of north frontier” is the second column of second page.

5. The owners are mentioned in different groups and this groups are marked by Bengali alphabet.

PS Khatiyan : 1. Vertical and it has two pages.

2. The name of the district, Mouja and number of khatiyan is witten on the top of the first page of this Khatiyan. Besides RS Khatiyan number is mentioned over the PS Khatiyan number.

3. “According to Section 49/50/51/52 or 53…” this is written at the bottom of the first page.

BS Khatiyan : 1. Horizontal and it has one page.

2. All Columns are mentioned in the front page of this khatiyan.