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Process of Accessing Khas Land
« on: May 19, 2018, 12:49:24 PM »
According to AKLMSP’97, for the purpose of the settlement of Khas land the landless family will be considered as[24]:

“The family which has neither homestead nor agricultural land, but family as dependent on agriculture”

All applications received within the fixed time limit were suggested to be scrutinized and all eligible applications are arranged in order to priority as follows[25]:

Destitute freedom fighter’s family
Victim of river erosion (lost total land due to river ersion
Widowed or divorced woman with workable son
Family without a homestead and agriculture land
Became landless due to government acquisition of land
The family which has 10 decimal homestead, but not agricultural land yet dependent on agriculture
According to the Agricultural Khas Land and Management Policies-AKLMSP 97, the highest priority is said to be given to the destitute freedom fighter’s family (It was on the second priority in the Land Reforms Action Program-LRAP’87. The highest amount of Khas land to be given will be 1.5 acres.

 The transfer of khas land from the Government to an individual is a complex, lengthy and non-transparent process. According to relevant provisions, 5 months is needed to complete the process[26]. Currently an application passes through several Government offices including the Union and Thana level land offices along with the Sub-Registrar’s office and usually takes up to 6 to 8 months. A lack of coordination (and motivation) between these offices and their staff create delays[27].