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Opportunities for external recruiters
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Opportunities for external recruiters

When I'm speaking at various staffing and recruiting conferences, or conducting in-house training within a staffing and recruiting firm, I'm always amazed at the different titles within the firms. A person could be doing the exact same job, but have a totally different title from one staffing firm to the next, it's no different than human resource, who used to be called personnel, then became human resource, and is now talent acquisition. That's the same type of transition titles in our profession are going through, the good news is as these titles keep changing and growing with the different segments of the profession it opens opportunities for you.

The better you understand the types of firms, the easier it will be for you to determine what type of job is best for you. Now, let's start out with the boutique firm. Most people don't realize that most staffing and recruiting firms have seven employees or less, they're usually owned by a sole owner who is an entrepreneur, and most of the positions in a small boutique firm.