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Effective follow-up and touch process
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Effective follow-up and touch process

Have you ever experienced the frustration of surfacing a rock star candidate when you had absolutely no current opportunity to offer? In our profession, timing is everything. So you know you can place or hire this candidate in the future. However, when you go to reach back out to this candidate, there is no response or the person doesn't remember your first interaction and basically cuts your conversation short. You can solve this with an effective follow-up and touch program, which is really an important aspect of building relationships with the candidates you've either interviewed or placed.

See, I find that many recruiters either neglected or do not have an established plan. The first step is deciding, how will you reach your candidates? Either by phone, text, email, direct mail, or in person. It's important to never forget, it takes a person six contacts before they remember who you are and the benefits you offer. So your effective follow-up and touch program really helps you nurture your candidates and is an ongoing process that you can improve.