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Interview role play
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Interview role play

Throughout this course I've taught you different interviewing strategies, but I thought it would be most beneficial for you to actually see an interview being conducted. I've recruited Audrey for one of my positions and I've completed part one of the interview where I've gone through Audrey's resume and we've discussed her responsibilities, the percentage of time she spent on each responsibility, and what percentage of time she wants to do those things in her next job, all of her reasons for leaving, salary and benefits at each position, the company culture she prefers, and of course the type of manager or supervisor she functions best under.

What I want to do now in part two of this interview is determine what's most important to Audrey and how do I market Audrey best to my hiring authorities. So let's see how that went. Audrey, we reviewed your resume and you definitely have experience that would qualify you for an instructional design job, but what I want to do now is find out what's important to you in the next step.