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Pre-close throughout the interviewing process
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Pre-close throughout the interviewing process

I once placed a single mom in an opportunity with one of her targeted companies. The company offered her a 25% increase in salary, better benefits, excellent schools for her three children, and a relocation back to the city where her family resided. You could imagine my excitement. I couldn't wait to pick up the phone and extend the offer, only to be shocked and disappointed when she rejected the offer and gave me no explanation. I know you feel my pain. I later learned that her boss found out she was interviewing, so he offered her a huge promotion and a raise, and you and I could almost predict what happens next, right? 90 days later she was fired when a replacement was hired, and the offer I had for her was no longer on the table.

Now, I took some responsibility for this, because this was the day I learned the importance of preclosing throughout the entire interviewing process. In order to become a strong closer, we have got to eliminate the element of surprise. Again, we have people on both sides of our sales.