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Candidates often have choices
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Candidates often have choices

 It's actually hard for me to even remember how much slower the hiring process was when I first entered this profession. Can you imagine? We would literally mail resumes to prospective clients to set up interviews. Technology has certainly changed the recruiting profession for both our hiring authorities and candidates. Think for a moment of all the resources that job seekers have at their fingertips to identify additional job opportunities. They have job boards, social networks, website postings, publications like Craigslist or trade publications, classified ads, professional or personal networks, referrals from other job seekers, job fairs, job clubs, networking events.

Your candidates are more connected than ever before in history. The good news for us is most of them are too busy working to conduct their own job search. And we're the only way that they can conduct a confidential job search, by utilizing a recruiter. And they would much rather have a recruiter working on their behalf to find an opportunity.