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The impact of timing
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The impact of timing

I originally worked in the real estate profession, and for years I was told to remember the importance of location, location, location. When I entered the staffing and recruiting profession, I realized location did impact decisions, but more importantly, decisions were driven by timing, timing, timing. You could speak to a prospective candidate one day and they have absolutely no interest in taking your call, or talking to you. Then this same person calls you back the next day because someone else got the promotion they felt was theirs.

And now their job search is their top priority. You and I are going to deal with timing throughout the entire recruiting, interviewing, and hiring process. And I believe that is why I never hear the word no when I'm interacting with candidates or clients. I always hear not yet. Because I know for a fact that most people are not going to retire from their current company. If they are not interested in utilizing my services now, I know they will reconsider at some point in their career.